Limit The Entire Onion Family, especially garlic: 
Did you know that you should LIMIT and sometimes avoid the Entire Onion Family if you suffer from IBS – so that’s onion, garlic, shallots, spring onion, leeks and chives.

These are All GUT IRRITANTS and they are also HIGH FODMAPS as they contain high Oligos. You will need to experiment with them to see how you react but limiting them to a couple of times a week will help your symptoms and they should be completely avoided when you IBS is unstable or you have had a relapse.

Personally, I now have a total allergy to garlic and my system just cannot process it at all – the gut needs an enzyme to break garlic down and I, along with only around 5% of the population, don’t possess it. For me eating garlic is the epitome of dealing with IBS – its an instant reaction, and within 5 minutes of eating it I will be on the loo in excruciating pain which I can only describe to non-IBS sufferers as likening it to having food poisoning. 

I know people who have similar reactions to onion. I can tolerate onion and leeks as long as they are well cooked in a meal. 

However chives and spring onions are something which I avoid as they tend to ‘repeat’ on me sometimes for days afterwards as they are what I call ‘burpers!!

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