Eat Bananas

Bananas: – A lifesaver for me, and a fruit that I carried around with me at all times for more than 15 years. Even better it comes in its own packaging so you don’t have to worry about washing it.

High in SOLUBLE fibre so its one of the best fruits to eat for your IBS-tum. It’s also quite filling so it’s fab for a mid-morning snack or a quick fix if you have to miss breakfast!

In recent times I have to admit I got a bit fed up with bananas as they reminded me of times when I was really ill with my IBS (years ago) because I ate so many of them but when I have any source or relapse or need a quick food fix this is the trusty fruit I know I can rely on!

Soluble fibre (as its name suggest) will take on water and forms a gel-like substance in the gut which helps to stabilise gut movement. This will help ALL forms of IBS (there are now 4 types) and will stabilise both diarrhoea AND constipation – with diarrhoea is helps to bulk stools and for constipation it helps to soften stools.

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