Back To Porridge

Last week I started back to college to study for my course in Naturopathic Nutrition and I was debating what I was going to have for breakfast. Breakfast is my WORST meal and I usually don’t feel like eating and have to force myself to eat something but I knew I had 8 hours of lectures to get through.

So step in good old-fashioned porridge which is high in SOLUBLE fibre and a great breakfast for IBS-ers – BUT how to make it for an IBS gut is the key!

  • Oats: Use good quality plain rolled oats – not powdered or any of those instant ones in a packet which have all sorts of additives and are high in sugar which will be a gut trigger. (Plain oats are high in SOLUBLE fibre and a low-FODMAP.)
  • Cooking: Cook your porridge with water – I like mine nice and thick. Its better to cook it on the stove but if you’re in a real hurry you can microwave it for about 2 mins (although microwaving is not great nutritional advice).
  • Milks: Add in unsweetened Almond milk or Rice Milk. (Avoid animal milks as these can be IBS triggers, you may be dairy intolerant and they are a high-FODMAP as they contain lactose). You could use oat milk, but porridge with oat milk is a bit too heavy for me. I prefer Almond milk. Almond, Rice and Oat milk are low-FODMAP’s with Rice & Oat milk being higher in SOLUBLE fibre.
  • Sweeteners: To sweeten you can use a good quality honey (although honey is a high-FODMAP as it contains fructose so avoid if you are on a low-FODMAP diet). Occasionally I find that honey makes me feel a bit sick so you can use raw cane sugar or soft brown sugar to sweeten. Pure 100% Maple syrup is another choice for a sweetener. (Cane sugar, brown sugar and maple syrup are low-FODMAP).
  • Fruits: So your choice of fruit as a topping is important as many fruits will be IBS triggers. The most gut friendly one for IBS is banana so chop it up and add as much as you like. (Bananas are better to be eaten firm after they’ve just turned yellow as ripe bananas contain more fructose making it a high-FODMAP). I also find blueberries very easy to digest and they are a low-FODMAP too.

So in an (IBS unfriendly) nut-shell – eating porridge with almond milk and banana is a great source of SOLUBLE gut-friendly fibre, a good rescue meal and a great way to start the day!

(As with any food, some people are intolerant to oats. This can be because they are intolerant to the protein in oats called Avenin which is similar to gluten, although oats are classified as being gluten-free. BUT it can also be because the oats have been made in a factory that processes other wheat, barley and rye products. So if you have a reaction to oats, don’t rule it out first time round and try to find a product that states it is gluten-free.)

Learn more about FODMAP’s here.

Soluble fibre (as its name suggest) will take on water and forms a gel-like substance in the gut which helps to stabilise gut movement. This will help ALL forms of IBS (there are now 4 types) and will stabilise both diarrhoea AND constipation – with diarrhoea is helps to bulk stools and for constipation it helps to soften stools.

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