Why My Home-Made Tomato Pasta Sauce Was A Tummy Disaster

So last night I used these ingredients to make one of my quick and tasty home-made tomato sauces for pasta – the kids loved it but my stomach DID NOT!!!!!!

Well I’m going to explain why it wasn’t this tomato sauce on its own that was the problem, (neither am I wheat intolerant so it wasn’t the pasta either!) but actually when I analysed it, it was what I had eaten the day before and how this had caused the acid levels in my stomach to spike and hence the acidity of the tomatoes mixed with the onions and yellow peppers in my sauce was a recipe for disaster!

Looking at the sauce itself – a can of chopped tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, red onion, ginger, turmeric, salt and pepper – there are a couple of things on this list for a start which are IBS-irritants.

Firstly onion – thats on my list of NO NO foods which shouldn’t be eaten if your condition is unstable – its also a HIGH-FODMAP food if you are going FODMAP-friendly. However at this point my condition had been stable and normally I can tolerate cooked onion in my dinner a couple of times a week.

Secondly, the yellow pepper and the tomatoes – they are both on my caution food list as their skins (and seeds) are HIGH in INSOLUBLE fibre which is difficult for your IBS-stomach to digest. Again, however, like the onions, at this point my condition had been stable and normally I can tolerate cooked peppers or tomatoes in my dinner a couple of times a week.

So what happened here? Well I actually realised that the problem started the previous day. I had had to go to a friend’s workshop for the morning and I actually missed my regular lunch time slot. Normally thats around 12-1pm but as I was busy I skipped lunch so I didn’t eat until after 3pm – which for an IBS-tum is a BIG NO NO NO NO NO!!!! I should’ve known better. Skipping meals raises the acid in your stomach not to mention seriously screwing around with your sugar levels. For this meal I ate noodles with salmon and a portion of lettuce and tomato. I then worked late at the studio and didn’t get home till after 8pm when I had my dinner of a chicken, lettuce and tomato wrap – normally we all eat dinner at 5.30pm so this meal was 2.5 hours late. I made the same chicken, lettuce and tomato wrap for lunch the next day.

If I look at the fact that 2 of my meals the previous day were over 2-3 hours later than my normal times and in each of the three meals preceding my tomato sauce episode I had a portion of lettuce, which is another BIG IBS-trigger food that needs to be limited – read my previous post Limit Your Greens to find out why!!! This meant that by the time I had come to eat the tomato sauce, the acid levels in my stomach were pretty high, my sugar levels were probably all over the place and I had already begun to irritate my entire gut by eating the INSOLUBLE lettuce.

So the high acidic nature of the tomato sauce mixed with the further gut irritants and high INSOLUBLE fibre of the tomatoes, onions and the peppers were simply too much for my stomach to digest! Instant stomach ache – on the toilet about 20 minutes after this meal had been eaten. Not Nice!!! Should’ve know better!!!

What I should’ve eaten after a day of skipping meals was either white rice or plain/mashed potatoes with a plain bit of chicken and some boiled or steamed carrots!…now what am I going to have today!!!!!

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