NEVER Drink Sodas!!!

So in that I include – Fizzy Drinks, Soda, Pop, Energy Drinks, Gatorade-type drinks and anything that has an unnatural colour!

All of these are basically the ENEMY to your IBS and will rot your guts. Throw them out – I learnt at an early age that I couldn’t stomach these, especially coke which is my worst nightmare now. For your stomach these can all cause gas, bloating, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhoea and in general mess with your blood sugar levels and give you headaches and heart palpitations.

Not only do most of them contain caffeine – a BIG IBS trigger – but they are loaded with all sorts of sugars and sweeteners (another IBS and gut irritant) as well as countless colourings, flavourings, e-numbers and other crap. In addition the ‘carbonation’ is a further gut stimulant – if you already suffer from excess wind and bloating then adding something ‘fizzy’ on top of that is a recipe for disaster!

Even the so-called ‘health’ drinks like gatorade are NOT IBS-gut friendly – if the drink is blue in colour (or any other ‘fake’ colour) before you drink it then whats that doing to your insides on the way through? Your IBS gut has to try to process that fake colour and that can be enough to set your IBS symptoms off!!!

Caffeine-free and zero-sugar varieties are no better as often the ‘sugar’ content has been swopped for sweeteners which are even worse gut-irritants for IBS.

If you really must have a wee something then stick to the clear options like carbonated water, soda water and tonic water with lemonade or sprite being taken sparingly – but again I would urge you to think here about the ingredients even in these as they are still often sweetener laden (which are gut irritants and can have laxative effects), especially the ‘diet’ ones.

Remember – when you look at a label you have to think about what every single one of the ingreients listed is doing to your stomach, your IBS AND your health in general.

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