Limit Your Greens

Oh yes! You heard me right, whilst other diets encourage lots of leafy greens, this is just not the IBS-gut friendly way I’m afraid.

Leafy Green Veg: like all salad greens, cabbage, kale and fresh herbs: Yes all greens should be avoided when your IBS is unstable and eaten with caution when you are stable. These groups of foods are hard to digest in general (for everyone) and are HIGH in INSOLUBLE fibre. They are ‘fibrous’ leaves which are hard to ‘mash’ and therefore difficult for the IBS-gut to break down and hence cause gas, wind and bloating on top of gut spasms.

If your condition is chronic, or you have had a relapse then this is among the first list of foods which you should eliminate. You may be able to eat most of these later on when you are stable BUT this is a group of foods I like to call the ‘gas builders’.

The secret is to eat them in moderation (when you are stable), limited to a few times a week (maybe like twice for lunch and twice for dinner) with a gap in between and NEVER on an empty stomach!

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