ok so we all want a quick fix or a pill just to take the gut rot away…but thats just not gonna happen. but heres my rescue tea recipe that will at least start to calm things down.


use a stainless steel teapot that you can boil on the stove or a pan and add the following ingredients…

Peppermint Tea – leaves or tea bag – its gotta be peppermint, spearmint tea doesn’t have the same effect. (peppermint is a great gut soother)

Squeeze the Lemon Juice from an Unwaxed Lemon & chuck in the Lemon itself (lemon in water is actually alkaline and not acidic on the stomach, it also helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins)

4 Cloves (cloves have an anaesthetic effect on the gut)

Honey to sweeten as required (honey is a natural sweetener)

Fill up with water and boil it up for a minute or two.

Drink it hot and sip or cool it down and keep in the fridge to drink cold throughout the day.


additions you might like to experiment with…

Ginger – either a few slices of fresh ginger or a teaspoon of the dried spice will do just fine (great for nausea)

Fennel seeds (also a gut soother)


if it is a true emergency and you can’t wait to make this recipe then just opt for the peppermint tea in boiling water. leave the tea bag in so it gets stronger as you drink it.