I saw this post and it reminded me of the time I overdosed on tea-tree oil!

It was around 16 years ago when I was living in London. I’d gotten bitten on the legs by mosquitoes – can’t remember where I’d been, but I remember that they started to swell up really badly in red exceedingly hot welts.  I know now this was the start of an allergic reaction to the bites resulting in ‘cellulitis’ and the cells surrounding the bite were getting infected. It was evening and the welts kept getting hotter and bigger – I didn’t really think it was serious and that I could treat it myself. I tried ice to cool them down and I decided to rub tea-tree essential oil on them as I knew tea-tree was a good natural antiseptic. 

Over about an hour, I kept plastering the bites with the tea tree oil as they weren’t getting any better. Then, a few mins later, I had a sudden attack of diarrhoea – excruciating pain, colicky spasms in my lower gut and the runs. I sat on the loo for a while until it passed when I realised I was also shaking and my teeth were chattering. I immediately thought, ‘oh what did I eat tonight’ when it dawned on me that I’d actually overdosed on the tea-tree. It took me a while to rationalise with myself that you could do that since it was a ‘natural’ product but when I thought that generally you apply a couple of drops of oil to the skin, I realised that covering a large proportion of my legs, many times, was obviously obsessive.