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10 Jan 2016 – Hand Auragraph, by Sarah McAleer 

Meditation, Setting Intentions & Letting the Mind Wander

Bit of a different drawing class for me today with the lovely Ruth Pringle Holistic. Practicing mindfulness and setting intentions for the 2016 year ahead. We did these amazing hand auragraphs to represent our personalities, hopes and dreams. I was a bit apprehensive at first seeing as being a jewellery designer means I draw everyday for a living so I felt under pressure to produce something worthy of looking at, but I love what came out of my subconscious!!!

I drew rainbows and moonbeams, hearts and flowers, thought about my future paths (apparently all paths lead to rome??!!), the waves of life and I included imagery for me, my husband and the children all in this drawing. Interestingly the cards I were picking throughout the day were all about resting and revitalising the nervous system – something every IBS suffer needs to do!

Meditation for IBS

Looking at the imagery shows that I’m in a positive state of mind which is especially pleasing as I had had a pretty crappy first week back to work after the Christmas holidays. All week I felt it really difficult to get motivated, I had IBS flare-ups and I had no energy whatsoever plus I had my period. In fact I worried about coming to the class (even though I’ve been to Ruth’s premises before) as my stomach had not been good all week and I knew I would be there all day. To cope, I made sure I had a good breakfast before leaving the house of porridge (made with almond milk, a little bit of cinnamon and brown sugar and a few blueberries) and I packed my own lunch (flour tortilla wraps with tuna mayo and cheese). I made sure I drank plenty of water through the day and I had a couple of cups of peppermint tea (when normally I would have Earl Grey tea with milk).

I’ve only recently discovered meditation and I have to say that after our first hour of a ‘manifesting our intentions’ meditation my head was much clearer and I wasn’t feeling so weighty. Its amazing what relaxing can do and being able to zone into something other than your stomach. I’m now in a totally positive frame of mind for the week ahead!