…Well!…after attending the cinema one stormy wet night in late december 2015 to watch Star Wars VII, I awoke the next morning knowing that ‘the force’ was telling me I needed to start a blog dedicated to sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over my fourty-something years about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)!…I know hilarious right?

Its not like I have anything else to do lol!! I’m already a busy women running a demanding full-time bespoke goldsmithing business (Sarah McAleer Jewellerysmith Shop). I have an equally crazy ‘I’m-going-to-change-my-career-from-an-architect-to-a-music-blogger’ husband (Chromaticism Music Blog) and together we have two energetic entertaining children. Never-the-less, the more I tried not to think about it, the more I couldn’t shake off the overwhelming feeling that I was being given a call-to-action to help other sufferers. In fact I would go as far as to say that I didn’t realise until I wrote this first post, that I rate my entire life in terms of ‘gut-abililty’: from the food I eat, to the clothes I wear, to what my actions are for the day, to going out, to going on holiday, to sometimes just being able to get up in the morning!!!

I’ve always been a strong determined lady who has worked hard to get what I wanted out of life and even though, at points, my IBS has been debilitating, I have never really let it stand in my way. I feel lucky that many many years ago I met a dietician who helped save my life with a diet plan that I still follow to this day. My condition has been self-managed (mostly without medication) by food, for around 20 years now. Often with no medical advice or help (because for years there was a lack of understanding and no real information on the subject), through my journey I have amassed an incredible amount of personal research and information. There are many stigmas surrounding the condition, many mis-interpretaions of what it is and many myths that simply are not true – all topics I hope to address and share with you over time.

Today there is a much clearer understanding of IBS, we have the internet for a start and many informative books and recipe guidelines (none of which were around when i was first diagnosed), as well as self-help groups, online forums and research centres. Yet it’s hard to find people who are actually talking about their personal experiences over the ‘science’ of it. Over the years I’ve dished out much advice to man people and I’m sure I’ve bored people giving them facts about ‘food and the gut’. I’m pretty sure I can tell you the reaction of just about every food, supplement, and ‘other substance’ I have ever personally ingested in terms of what it will do to my gut-tract!

So this is my aim – to help people learn about their IBS-gut and to educate them about how to eat correctly and stabilise their symptoms. To let you know you are not alone in your suffering and bewilderment on how to mange your condition. To share with you the ups and the downs, the tears and laughter and the literal ins and outs of the condition. This will be a challenge as there is so much I have to say on the topic!!! 

If I can have a profound positive effect on one persons life, just like Lisa the dietician had on me, then this blog will have been worth it.

…may the force go with you!…


Please note that this blog is entirely based on my own personal journey and opinions which I have accumulated over the past 40 years. I am not a medical professional and medical advice should always be sought in the diagnosis and management of IBS. Should you choose to act upon my advice, you do so entirely of your own choice and freewill and I am not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from use of my information.