Golden Turmeric Milk

Such a great colour and one our family favourites. In fact we had this the other night in preparation for Ruby, my eldest age 7 going in to get her tonsils out.

Almond Milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and local honey!

Great for colds and infections, and helps fight inflammation.

Can be made with almond, rice or oat milk for an IBS tum. Avoid coconut milk which is often what is recommended for it to be made with, however as coconut is quite high in fat, it can be a gut irritant.

Turmeric these days has been labelled as the new ‘super’ spice but as with all things you need to see how your own stomach can digest it. It is said to aid digestion and relieve heartburn amongst so many other great benefits. I use it in cooking so I’m not over-taking it in large quantities as it can cause diarrhoea (which obviously I don’t want lol!!). You can check out this great website with a great blog full of further information – Turmeric Australia.

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