Eat Root Veg

Yippeee!!! You can eat as many root vegetables in my list below as you like.

Root Veg – Sweet Potato, Carrots, Parsnips, Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Swede & Turnips.

They are all gut-soothers and are your tummy’s friends. If your condition is chronic you will want to boil, bake or mash them and add them plain to soups. If your gut is stable you can add them to stir frys or roast them.

Remember too that for an IBS tum eating your food raw should be limited – so grating carrot every once in a while is acceptable. However your gut will cope better if you lightly steam, boil or bake your root veg so its easier to process.

Note though that if you are following the lowFODMAP diet then you need to be careful with Sweet Potatoes which are high in Polyols if thats what you malabsorb then limit these! Butternut squash also has moderate amounts of Oligos and Polyols.

Beets – another root veg: – For most of my life I really only knew about pickled beetroots – something I wouldn’t recommend if your IBS is chronic or you’ve had a relapse. Until I lived in Australia where they roast or bake them and eat them without pickling – which I am able to tolerate once in a while. Such a fab colour too – but only try if your gut is stable as they are high in Oligos.

These root veg are all high in SOLUBLE FIBRE!

Soluble fibre (as its name suggest) will take on water and forms a gel-like substance in the gut which helps to stabilise gut movement. This will help ALL forms of IBS (there are now 4 types) and will stabilise both diarrhoea AND constipation – with diarrhoea is helps to bulk stools and for constipation it helps to soften stools.

You can read more about my FIASS Plan here.

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