Cook Your Own Food

It sounds like a simple phrase but really learning how to cook your own food when you have IBS will be one of the keys to maintaining stable gut health!!

By this I don’t just mean the actual act of cooking, although that is a humungous part, I mean learning to use real, fresh and natural ingredients.

Cooking with jars of ‘bought’ sauces, ‘ready’ meals and pretty much anything that comes in a ‘packet’ is basically gut-rot in an instance (or maybe the next day) – and I’m not just talking about processed foods here, I’m also including so-called ‘healthy’ options too.

WHY? – the list of ingredients, thats why! When you read the list of ingredients of anything packaged you have to think about what EACH AND EVERY item on that list will do to your IBS-stomach. Many pre-prepared foods contain all sorts of preservatives, excess sugars and salts, not to mention food colourings and e-numbers. These ALL have an effect on how they are processed by your stomach!

My rule is, if it anything you buy has more than 5 items in its ingredient list, just put it back on the shelf. It’s not worth eating it and being ill from it!

Cooking your own food gives you CONTROL over the ingredients you are using and so you can add in items that will be kind to your IBS-stomach, easy to digest AND be nutritious.

You don’t have to be Masterchef here, whip up fabulous sauces or have to spend hours and hours slaving over a hot stove. Simple tasty meals that you know you can eat will save your IBS-gut and your mental well-being.

So get cooking!!!

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