I’m always a busy girl: mum of two energetic and highly entertaining little girls; wife of a psych music reviewing ex-architect blogger Chromaticism; and the director of a demanding creative business Sarah McAleer Jewelleysmith!

For the past fourty something years I have struggled with, survived and, on the most part, overcome Irritable Bowel Syndrome! There have been a couple of severe low points in my journey but I am a high achiever and IBS has never held me back.

Over the years I have accumulated invaluable knowledge into this horrible debilitating condition. Often mis-diagnosed, with no real scientific or medical knoweldge in the early years, I have spent a great deal of time researching about it. In the past I have fought doctors opinions especially during times when I was told the condition was simply caused by stress and was therefore ‘in my head’, and was at one point even accused of being anorexic because I had lost so much weight! Medications only ever masked the symptoms for short periods of time and never really dealt with the root causes of this condition. But all was not lost, being my usual pig-headed self I decided I was going to have to take my fate into my own hands!

Years ago a dietitian named Lisa saved my life with her knowledge of IBS and her diet plans. I’ve basically stuck to these for over twenty years now and I would consider my condition to be virtually stable with only a few relapses here and there. I wish to repay the liberating gift she gave me and pass on the healing. So this blog has been set up as a positive resource to help and educate those of you that suffer from IBS.

It’s not any easy road to travel but my wish is that this blog may provide you with positive guidance, hope and the vitality to begin to live your life to the full and achieve all your goals and dreams & literally kick IBS’s butt!

Hugs, Kisses & Calm Inner Gut-Peace

Sarah xxx