Live Life To The Full Even With IBS


Drink Lemon

Drink Lemon Drinking lemon in water is a great nausea reliever and helps the body to rid itself of toxins. Taken either hot or cold -  slice or a squeeze of lemon in a glass of gold water or a squeeze of a quarter to half a lemon in cup of hot water (you can add a...

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Limit Your Greens

Limit Your Greens Oh yes! You heard me right, whilst other diets encourage lots of leafy greens, this is just not the IBS-gut friendly way I'm afraid. Leafy Green Veg: like all salad greens, cabbage, kale and fresh herbs: Yes all greens should be avoided when your IBS...

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Cut Out Processed Fatty Foods

Cut Out Processed Fatty Foods Fast Foods, Processed & High Fat Foods: are the true ENEMY foods to all of us. All mass manufactured with very little nutritional value. Most are fat, sugar or salt laden and these are cleverly ‘hidden’ with other names - with fat and...

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Eat Root Veg

Eat Root Veg Yippeee!!! You can eat as many root vegetables in my list below as you like. Root Veg – Sweet Potato, Carrots, Parsnips, Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Swede & Turnips. They are all gut-soothers and are your tummy’s friends. If your condition is chronic...

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Never Drink Sodas

NEVER Drink Sodas!!! So in that I include - Fizzy Drinks, Soda, Pop, Energy Drinks, Gatorade-type drinks and anything that has an unnatural colour! All of these are basically the ENEMY to your IBS and will rot your guts. Throw them out – I learnt at an early age that...

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